Windows Phone 7 performance and platforms for Saviors

Only trust the real numbers on a real device.

The original plan for releasing Saviors was to use a single code and simultaneous release for all three platforms: Windows PC, XBOX360 and Windows Phone 7. However this decision was based on testing with the WP7 emulator that comes with the Windows Phone SDK and when I got my hands on an actual device, the reality slapped me in the face. The CPU performance on the actual Windows Phone device was pretty much as I expected it to be. The GPU however was dissapointingly weak. Simply filling the whole screen with a dualtexture drops the frames per second to 30-40.

Whilst it is still possible to run a 3D shoot’em up game in a WP7 device with decent framerates, it became painfully obvious that it would not be the smartest thing to use the same models and graphics in PC and WP7 versions. Thus we had to make the decision to create the PC/Xbox version first and convert the project to Windows Phone later with reduced graphics. This decision is going to add quite a bit of workload on our shoulders, but the PC and Xbox versions are going to look much better as we are free to use more polygons, more effects and custom shader effects. Likewise, the Windows Phone 7 version will be better suited for the actual perfomance these devices have.