Steam release and version 1.5

Saviors has just been released on Steam as a version 1.5.
Saviors in Steam

Additional features include:

-Steam achievements
-Online high score leaderboards
-Steam trading cards
-Linux version

Version 1.5 also includes some small balance changes and we intend the current gameplay to be final so that any replay is going to be stay valid. We’re still going to be fixing any bugs that we find though.

OS X version didn’t make it into this initial Steam release, but we still intend to release it, once it actually works.

We’ve already sent Steam keys to those who bought the game through our own payment system. We’re currently looking at giving the rest of buyers keys through Desura. If you bought the game through our website and your key is still missing, send e-mail with proof of your purchase to and we’ll get you a key.