Saviors is a modern vertical 3D shoot ‘em up following the story of three daredevil pilots. The inevitable first contact with extraterrestrial life may make us believe in things that seem too good to be true. But what happens if everything isn’t as it first seemed like? Includes a fully customizable ship, advanced physics and 18 explosion filled levels in single player or two players co-op mode.


- 18 full length levels with different environments and enemies
- Physics affect the gameplay in a way that hasn’t been seen before in shooter games
- Destroying enemies creates massive chain explosions affecting all nearby enemies
- Story (yes an actual story in a shooter) which develops until the very end
- 3 different game modes (story mode, survival mode, arcade mode)
- 100 achievements for additional challenge and replay value
- Fun and original 2 player co-op game mode. Players have different weapons and roles and need to work together to succeed
- Enemy warning icons provided by your radar removes the need for excessive memorizing which is present in most shooters
- Replay feature allows you to save your best runs or download those of other players’
- 4 different difficulty levels cover the skill levels from beginner to hardcore veteran players

3D rotation around beam ships in a tunnel stage

3D rotation of the game World

Showing Medals available for story mode

Just a small portion of available achievements

Player ship with a turret on top of it firing enemies

Player spawning as a turret after death is one of the unique coop features

Lots of bullets on screen

Demostrating the hardest difficulty available

Game Modes

Saviors features 3 different game modes with very different features in each one of them. Story mode lets you follow the story and save your game after each level. You can also upgrade your ship with new weapons and “perks” which provide your ship with several fun additions and features. Survival mode has no upgrades or story and is more focused on getting a high score and trying to complete the game at one go. Arcade mode is the “old school” or “hardcore” mode where your ship has “lives” instead of a shield and isn’t upgradeable. Arcade mode also has a more complex scoring system.

Explosions and point items in a burning city

Destroying enemies generates point items in arcade mode based on your multiplier

Hull hit taken in survival mode

Survival mode, note different health mechanics from arcade mode

The Story

Humans have built colonies outside the solar system and the wars that once ravaged the earth have almost ended. Traveling between different planet systems is done through warp gates. Humans established contact with an alien race over 10 years ago and have now managed to meet them through these warp gates. The aliens’ technology is advanced far beyond the capabilities of humans but so far the relationships between the two species have been peaceful. However, one suspicious billionaire does not trust the alien race and has begun building his own secret technology to prepare for a possible conflict. One day, his worst fears become reality…

Pilot selection

Pilot selection

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing


Gain ship points by killing enemies and completing other objectives and use these points to upgrade your ship. You can select from three possible ship types that vary in weapon types, speed and upgrades. The game also features several differing front and side weapons and powerful secondary weapon types.

Perks for Ken

Selecting perks allows you to upgrade your ship

Weapon selection for Jonas with a level 4 ship

Multiple weapon choices allow you to customize your ship for your playing style

Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows XP or later
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS (XNA 4.0 Hi-Def compatible card, Pixel Shader 3.0, Vertex Shader 3.0)
Controller Support: Xbox 360 controller, some other XInput supported controller, or you can use something like x360ce for your DirectInput controller