Steam release and version 1.5

Saviors has just been released on Steam as a version 1.5.
Saviors in Steam

Additional features include:

-Steam achievements
-Online high score leaderboards
-Steam trading cards
-Linux version

Version 1.5 also includes some small balance changes and we intend the current gameplay to be final so that any replay is going to be stay valid. We’re still going to be fixing any bugs that we find though.

OS X version didn’t make it into this initial Steam release, but we still intend to release it, once it actually works.

We’ve already sent Steam keys to those who bought the game through our own payment system. We’re currently looking at giving the rest of buyers keys through Desura. If you bought the game through our website and your key is still missing, send e-mail with proof of your purchase to and we’ll get you a key.

Patch 1.4 and soundtrack released

Saviors has just been updated to version 1.4. Both the demo and full versions have been updated. Additionally the soundtrack for the game has been made available for download to everyone who purchased the full game.

Change log for version 1.4:

- Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash while alt-tabbing after a certain amount of time played
- Various small bug fixes

- Added a shield into Arcade mode
- Added adjustable MaxFPS

- New graphics for shield

Saviors update to 1.3 + trailer and screenshot update

Trailer and screenshots updated to better represent the outlook of the current version.

Update Notes:
- Game now correctly runs at 60 frames per second
- Vertical Sync enabled in fullscreen
- Continue button in main menu has a new description that describes the progress of the previous game.
- Some bullet patterns for the bosses in the later stages were made slightly easier. This was done to bring them down to better match the difficulty of the rest of the game.
- Co-op enabled for practice
- Changed difficulty descriptions to more accurately match the actual difficulty
- Multiplier drops slower in easy mode arcade
- Some perks changed and improved for Mona as they were slightly too weak.

Saviors update to 1.2

Update Notes:
- Changed game FPS to 120, for slightly smoother gameplay and controls
- Fixed last boss crystals to shoot again properly
- Changed enemy bullet glow to black
- Homing projectiles no longer prioritise dead turrets
- Fixed game cleared screen for replays
- Mech boss in stage 3 has had its red projectile graphics changed
- Fixed disappearing hand for mech boss
- Random replay breakdown fixed
- Replays now correctly remember bonus shields gained
- Added help to explain the differences between game modes and scoring

Saviors update to 1.1

Patch Notes:
- Simplified most in-game and menu fonts for easier readability
- Enemy projectile glow made darker to ensure they are clearly visible over explosions
- Reduced the stars effect when multiplier is on Break!

Saviors Released

Saviors is now available for Windows from our website or Desura for only 6.99$.

Saviors demo build 0.6

Saviors beta version 0.6 is now available

Download the beta demo build from:

Additional required files:
NET 4.0

    Notable changes:

- Improved bullet and rocket visibility
- Better lights and lightning for all ships
- Better character portraits
- Explosion graphics are more consistant
- Fixed several hitbox sizes and positions
- Adjusted arcade scoring to be slightly more forgiving

Saviors on Steam Greenlight

Saviors has been added to Steam Greenlight. We appreciate your support in helping to get our game on Steam. If you want to vote for us, please follow the link below.

Saviors on Steam Greenlight

Saviors beta demo out

Saviors beta version 0.5 is now available

Download the beta demo build from:
Additional required files:
NET 4.0

Limitations in the current version:
- only stages 1-3
- some unpolished graphics and features
- character portraits will be better on newer versions

New media available

New screenshots and a short gameplay video have been added to the site.